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Financial Literacy in My Community

Growing up in the Bankhead/Adamsville areas of Atlanta, Georgia, you learn certain things about money. You learn (at least for me) the importance of earning your own money, how to prioritize bills (rent, then light, then utilities people!), and you even learn how to budget enough to make money go very far, especially when it… Continue reading Financial Literacy in My Community


The Problem with “Great Schools”

by Ali McKay

If you have young kids or use Redfin, you’ve probably seen the school ratings from GreatSchools. Our school is rated a “4”. That’s out of 10. When I was in school, forty percent is not a grade that I or my parents would have been happy with. In fact, there would have been a fair amount of freaking out about a 4 out of 10. And yet, my children, and all of the other 330 kids in that school, are learning, having fun, and occasionally misbehaving or letting off steam. They are being kids. The more I think about it, the more I wonder how a building full of people – actual kids, teachers, parents, staff – can be described by one number.

I am very happy with our school, even though it has some pretty significant challenges. It isn’t a “4” to me, or to…

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Rosario Dawson May Be Moving on from Marvel’s Netflix Shows — Sound Books

Many have long felt that Marvel’s Netflix shows don’t deserve Rosario Dawson, and it looks like Rosario Dawson is starting to think so, too. During a recent panel discussion, Dawson revealed her days as Claire Temple in Marvel’s Netflix universe may be numbered. Whenever Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple pops-up in a Marvel Netflix show, two […]… Continue reading Rosario Dawson May Be Moving on from Marvel’s Netflix Shows — Sound Books